2017 Bioneers Conference Welcome Letter

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Greetings Bioneers!

The 28th Annual Bioneers gathering is just 4 days away! We are so excited to reconnect with you all. This year’s Bioneers will have a full and vital schedule of activities, discussions, speakers and panels highlighting solutions for the most urgent, paradigm-shifting issues of the day.

While the fires in the North Bay have led to massive destruction and evacuations in the region, due to the diligent work of firefighters, the majority of these fires are becoming contained. The air quality has stabilized and while the Marin Center was, for a time, being utilized as evacuation facilities for North Bay residents impacted by the fires, those evacuees have either returned home or have been relocated to more suitable and longer term facilities.

We’re deeply grateful and humbled to be able move forward with this weekend’s Bioneers Conference as planned. The plight of those who have been displaced will obviously be on our minds and discussions about the fires will no doubt be a major component of the conference dialogue. We spoke with many in the Bioneers community over the past week as we grappled with the possibility of having to cancel some or all of the conference (obviously emergency management and evacuation shelters were the highest priority). What we heard, over and over, was that gathering for the Bioneers conference matters even more in times of crisis.

At this now-more-than-ever moment, we look forward to hosting this community at the upcoming Bioneers Conference to hold and comfort each other and to be inspired by the clear visions of the future that we’re collectively building towards. They say the best way to predict the future is to create it. That’s what we’ll be doing together.

If you are looking for ways that you can help those affected by this disaster, you can find four different opportunities for helping the community here:

In case the air quality declines or for those with health concerns, complimentary N95 particulate masks will be available onsite at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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In gratitude and collaboration,

Joshua Fouts
Executive Director

Revolution from the Heart of Nature.

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