Bioneers 2017 — Uprising

Welcome to the 2017 Conference!

The world is in upheaval. This is what the birth of a new civilization looks like. Everything is at stake, everything is up for grabs, and we’re surfing the re-imagination of everything. It’s a step change in human evolution.

The bigger the light, the longer the shadow. If you want to ride a beam of light with the greatest change-makers, innovators and visionaries of our time, we’ll see you at Bioneers 2017 for a celebration of nature’s genius and human ingenuity. You’ll get an eagle-eye view of the vital, restored world that’s not only possible — it’s arising everywhere.

We’re in a movement moment and this diverse movement is far bigger than most people yet realize. Perhaps it took a breakdown this extreme to mobilize enough people to rise up and change the system.

Bioneers shows how. As a community of leadership, we’re a thriving network of networks, a hub of diverse solutionaries, communities and movements already changing the world.

Bioneers 2017 will be an electrifying kaleidoscope of breakthrough models, strategies and solutions inspired by nature: climate action — ending extreme inequality and creating democracy — racial and gender equity and healing — women’s leadership — restoring land, water, air, biodiversity — and exploring how nature’s profound intelligence can guide us.

Our Indigenous Forum is a powerful and unique gathering of Native Peoples building bridges with non-Native allies and each other (94 Indian nations in 2016). Bioneers Youth make up 20% of the 3,000 participants!

We’re the majority and we need to start acting like it. Rise up with us as we transform our relationship to nature, each other and own humanity. It begins with a change of heart. Come be part of the Revolution From Nature…

With Love and Gratitude -

Kenny Ausubel, Nina Simons, Joshua Fouts

Founder/CEO Co-Founder Executive Director

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