For the Love of Vaquita

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Vaquita Watercolor by Barbara Taylor

Hey, Bioneer, have you heard that July 8th is the International Save the Vaquita Day?

Vaquitas are the world’s smallest porpoise and are only found in the Gulf of California in Mexico. The species was first discovered in 1958 and is now the rarest marine mammal. At the time of discovery, it was estimated that the population was around 4–5,000 individuals. According to a survey released earlier this year, thepopulation may be as low as 30 individuals and it’s on the edge of extinction. The reason? Unsustainable and illegal fishing practices. Vaquitas are dying because they become entangled in gillnets and drown.

Luckily, some groups are working to protect the Vaquitas, including Actor and Bioneer Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s personally demanding action from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Learn more about the issue and the solutions below:

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