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A quick note to our followers: We’ll be increasingly pushing content to our Bioneers Medium Publication from a variety of contributors. This account (@bioneers) remains our organizational account and will continue to publish content but we encourage you to also follow our Publication so that you don’t miss the latest from our larger Bioneers community.

Currently featured on the Bioneers Publication is: “A Movement Moment” by Bioneers Founder & CEO, Kenny Ausubel.

“At the 2014 Bioneers Conference, I suggested the coming years were going to make the ’60s look like the ’50s. I think we’re just about there. Now, buckle up for the Year of Shocking Transformation and Really Big Surprises.

We’re in a movement moment, a riptide that signals the rise of what promises to be the biggest movement in modern American history. Paradoxically Trump’s toxic divisiveness is causing a unifying national resistance, as well as global progressive uprisings such as we’ve not seen since the ’60s.

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